Big data is transforming many organisations’ performance and personal data has the power to transform personal accountability and performance too. But data alone is not enough – it needs to be interpreted and turned into actions.

That’s where Coachify comes in. We use our proprietary technology and data analytics platform to provide insight into individual performance, guidance and a bespoke goal orientated plan.

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Coachify have developed a unique product combined with next generation coaching techniques to reach deep into organisations developing talent and driving a performance led culture. Early trials indicate individual productivity improvements of over 20% in a 3-6 month period (measured by input metrics and outcome measures).

The interaction with wearable devices and the Coachify personal dashboard drives different types of behaviour as individuals embrace the technology to set higher personal goals including:

  • Heightened levels of awareness about lifestyle variables that affect performance
  • A strong sense of excitement, competition and empathy with others
  • For some the “Hawthorne effect” can be significant as they improve aspects of their behaviour simply in response to monitoring
  • Others enjoy trying to “game the gadget” and skew the outcome

Why us?

Coachify delivers just-in-time coaching. We differ from legacy coaching methods in three main ways:

  1. The device is always-on. Whereas traditional coaching is mostly constrained by working around scheduled meetings, with Coachify the interventions are data-driven, increasing personal impact and the ability to get more value from each day.
  2. It’s next generation. The amount of data available is increasing rapidly as wearables become more sophisticated and commonplace in the workplace, and Coachify uses proprietary analytical capabilities to deliver the right information and the right insights to transform this into action.
  3. It offers the complete picture. Although a qualitative approach to coaching can be transformational too, used alone it can mean that many influencing factors are missed (e.g. addiction fatigue, driven by “uncontrollable” impulses in the vicinity of a smart phone, energy and stress levels as well as fitness and diet). Coachify helps to engineer a reverse state of being.

For whom?

Coachify is inviting leaders in the personal productivity revolution to take part in a trial alongside the University of Oxford. We work with organisations that are already investing in wearables and rolling out corporate wellness programmes. We also work with forward thinking organisations and board level sponsors seeking to create a vision for the application of wearable technology with coaching.



Coachify is passionate about helping people to change the world around them. In the same way, we are committed to changing the world for the better as a company, giving one third of our net profit to transformational projects.