The hyper convergence of technology, talent and data is bringing management science closer to sports science. Coachify is investing in and developing a wide ranging team. Age is no barrier at either end of the spectrum. We are committed to helping you grow and flourish. Contact us now to find out more.

Head of Faculty: Experienced executive coach passionate about building a global Coachify faculty team, comprising a mix of employed and freelance accredited coaches. (Based anywhere.)

Head of Product: Energetic technology leader, using design thinking to develop our UX, design, development around mobile apps, AI, wearables and other technologies. (Based in UK.)

Associate Coaches: Executive coaches with a track record of significant impact. Accreditation and supervision are essential. (Based anywhere.)

Personal Data analysts: Highly trained professionals analysing client data to provide them with weekly ‘marginal gains’ insights enabling them to improve their performance and productivity. (Based anywhere.)